When it comes to design, objects are studied as to their shapes, their everyday use, their aesthetics and function. Jewels, even more, have to accomplish beauty and harmony standards, as well as constraints and comfort needs. Though small changes might optimize the manufacturing process or allow to come up with a brand new jewel, it is hard to invent something in a field where almost everything was already done and said.

Nowadays, 3D printers compel us to design objects differently, but we do recall the past.

Molly ring has a long story to tell in this respect.

In the childhood, while playing amongst clothes hanging down from wires, we picked-up clips from the ground and everything seemed to us a fairly tale of princesses and knights. Putting a finger in the clip spring was natural: it was like wearing a precious jewel, upon which we fantasized about magical powers and infinite tales.

When I realize a jewel, that attitude of playing, dreaming and experimenting is still with me.

Changing the viewpoint and materials.

Astounding my customers, I realize clips with gold, silver and diamonds. Each piece is handmade to make it look harmonic and to give it the needed strength, sometimes with precious stones set therein. The outcome is a unique object pure in shape, simple in its manufacturing and comfortable to wear despite its appearance. Just to remind that, at the end, nothing is what it seems.

Cinzia Caviglia