2k square meters of international design
The most awaited event of the year is approaching: from April 17th to 22nd 2018 Milan will be full of
Design, welcoming experts from all over the world. The district of Lambrate will be colored with
creativity and innovation, to meet the expectations of the public.
At the heart of the Lambrate Design District, one of the most famoust district of the Fuorisalone,
Promotedesign.it. organizes Din – Design In for the second consecutive year. The location represents
the style of the whole district: an industrial hangar of 2,000 square meters, the perfect frame to show
the products of designers, academies and companies present at the event. There are 90 exhibitors
who will color the hangar in Via Massimiano 6 / Via Sbodio 9. Among these 20% are Italian, the rest
80% comes from all over the world: there are designers, companies, academies and world famous
architects. The products range from light design to interior design, from kitchen accessories to home
furnishings. Very importanti i salso the space dedicated to innovation with experimental projects of
design schools and design organizations.
In fact, there are two projects presented in collaboration with the European Union: on one side the
LUMENTILE project, born from a European research project H2020, whose aim is to play a bright
and intelligent tile that, inspired by the classic ceramic tile, is enriched with electronics that allows
new features. On the other hand instead we find BaltSe@nior, which with a 3D age simulator allows
visitors to actually feel the limits that an elderly body feels and therefore to develop an empathy and a
better understanding of the elderly users. The aim of the project is to offer the user the most emphatic
vision possible in the world of the elderly and consequently facilitate the process of inclusive design,
having in mind that the instrument had to be as simple, economical and usable as possible.
There will also be large area dedicated to the exhibition of products coming from important design
universities, such as NID, New Institute of Design, Paula Chacartegui, student presented by IED
BARCELONA, Accademia Umprum of the arts, architecture and design of Prague and Academie
Artemis of Amsterdam. The six students of the academy from Amsterdam will provide a visual
interpretation investigating the most important developments in society, showing how these can be
translated into innovative and applicable solutions. Yeelen Tavilla, Stephanie Morianner, Hannah
Braeken, Sandra Benningen, Angelique Kuijpers and Willie Janmaat will present their personal views
on what is relevant to the future of interior design, fashion, media and society as a whole.
Promotedesign.it – sede uffici via Sansovino, 6 – 20133 Milano – 0039 02 36580208
The Academy of the Czech Republic presents Acoustic Caves, a project that aims to explore and test
architectural limits. There are five works on display that question the possible interpretations of the
building, the space and the architecture, presenting seven different examples that change according to
the architectural typologies and current methods of computational design.
An important space is also dedicated to the Czech Design Week, which presents in its area the
products of the three most talented designers of their design week. Among the selected designers 440
AUDIO, Dominika Petrtylova and Kristyna Mikolaskova.
There will also be the Temporary Shop area, where Artistarjewels.com, an annual international
jewelery project reconfirms its presence, after the undisputed success of the previous edition: it will
be possible to buy creative pieces of contemporary jewelry, created by designers from all over the
Also reconfirmed is WEating 2018, foodtruck festival in the internal garden of Din – Design In,
which will offer a studied selection of Food Trucks in a dedicated space set up as a real event within
the event. The common denominator among the realities is the passion for taste, the love for the land
and its products, but above all the irreproachable attention to the shape, representing a bridge
between the exposures. The Lambrate Design District wants to make these excellences its strong point
to offer visitors an experience full of emotions, cultural ideas and fun, which is not only supportive, but
that completes the experience of the exhibition.

Academy of Arts, Design and Architecture in Prague, ACADEMIE ARTEMIS, NID
Special Content
BaltSe@nioR project, co-financed by the EU, Czech Design Week selection, KPD Russia

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