“We are all unique”: this is Cinzia Caviglia favorite mantra. She is best known as Bettina T. Jewelry. Every day, moving from this statement, she commits herself to create exclusive jewels that suit unique, authentic but also original and eclectic women.
Women who do not pretend to be perfect, but play with their own faults, overcoming given schemes and their traditional role. Molly collection was designed based on the idea of renewal and “de-dramatization” of the whole jewelry concept.

Yellow Molly
It’s a clip made in silver, yellow gold or white gold with diamonds. It’s a marriage proposal which says: “I promise to share with you also the laundry”, or a graduation gift which stands for: “Never more hanging clothes”. The clip reminds us when we used to play amongst clothes, putting clips on our fingers believing to be princesses. However, aside to the message, there is the object itself consistency, harmony, beauty and comfort in dressing it: Molly ring, for example, has been designed to be comfortable in spite of its square shape so that you can sleep or even play tennis with it on.
Just like the “can” ring (that will be soon on sale), the idea of which is drawn from cans’ tabs, that seems to says: “I will love you all of my life. Even when you are drunk or you spend the whole night talking, drinking, loving and playing. We will have fun together”.

“Cloud” Silver ring
Even the jewelry made with pearls signed by Bettina T. follow the principle which is to use only irregular pearls, large and imperfect, which through a clever use of design make such imperfection a quality.
Coming mostly from the fresh water of Asia (Hong Kong and China), these pearls were kind of hunted for a long time for their “functional” asymmetries to the design, as they illuminate and characterize those who wear them qualifying for a no longer classically “bon ton” look. Each necklace, earring or bracelet that Cinzia designs is enhanced by the uniqueness of natural forms, so much that same jewels can hardly be reproduced sometimes.

Cinzia Caviglia was born in Rome. She is a tireless traveler with a unique relationship with New York where she often stays in. She combines in her work seemingly different experiences, such as design, photography, glass craft and illustration.
She began her career in the goldsmith’s art, joining first and then replacing after his mother Bettina, in the family jewelry store. (That’s where the name of the brand comes from).

In the frame of family tradition, Cinzia raised with the will to continue working with artisans who carefully create all the pieces one by one, whilst from the present times she takes the dynamism which means avoiding to set any physical static store in favor of online sales.
The e-commerce indeed allows to reach a community that is always on the move as well as share a purchase with friends, despite they might be very far away. Reducing dramatically costs for the management and, as the result, her products prices, Cinzia strategy allows her and her team to sell jewelry that is handmade in Italy, either in gold and silver, for a price which starts from 99,00 Euros.

The final payoff is to express and communicate harmony and lightness together with a bit of transgression and irony. There’s a significant amount of hidden work behind every single jewel made by Bettina T. This mainly consists of “subtraction” which is aimed at getting the essence of things without ending up in something expected.

You can follow and purchase Bettina T. jewelry models reaching her website or following her on Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Bettina T. will join the event
DIN – DESIGN IN 2018 JEWELS in Milan (Italy)
17-22 April, 2018